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Our team specialises in grant writing and support services for academic and industrial research funding across all sectors and disciplines. Our approach, based on our 30 year history, will present your research in its best possible light to achieve the funding and success you deserve.

Our two divisions

Grantcraft Funding Success

WRG Europe - GrantCraft specialises in grant writing, appraisal, and training services for both academia and industry to take your funding application to the next level.

Grantplus Project Success

WRG Europe - GrantPlus specialises in support services to research projects once they are funded. This includes outreach and dissemination as well as project management.


Why Choose Us?

Our team has an exceptional breadth of skills and experience that has helped hundreds of researchers and businesses to achieve funding and project success. We care passionately about your research and will work closely with you through the full lifecyle of your application or project. We routinely work out-of-hours to support our clients as we know from experience these things rarely happen during the standard 9-to-5 day. Please contact us for more information or a quote.

some of our projects

Our blend of skills can be important to your project success. We have been active in a wide range of UK and EU research projects since the 1990s in both technical, administrative, and management roles.

We are currently involved in several European projects as the primary outreach partner. Here we are developing high-quality videos and other digital media as well as acting as primary industrial liason.

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