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ToSynFuel News

Demo plant

WRG Europe Completes Tour of Europe in poo-fueled car!

From 15 to 28 of September 2022, WRG Europe undertook a tour of Europe to promote the ToSynFuel project and its technologies. Fueled with sewage-sludge derived diesel, WRG drove an umodified VW Passat from the demonstration site in Bavaria to a number of key stops including AutoDrome Most in the Czech Republic where we met with rally legend Walter Röhrl, the Bavarian Ministry to meet the minster for energy, and the EU Sustainable Energy Week where we presented to a youth audience about the future of transport. We took a professional cameraman to document and film the journey.

Click the video to watch our tour film.

ToSynFuel Plant Demo Day

Since the Ground Breaking Ceremony back in October of 2018, the project team has been busy procuring the equipment and building the hardware necessary to construct the site. Despite Covid-19, the construction work has made great progress and is now in its final commissioning phase. The team held a virtual tour of the site on September 22 where guests could ask questions to the team and see the hardware running.

Click the video to find out more.

Demo plant

ToSynFuel Informational Videos (produced by WRG Europe)

WRG European Car Tour

WRG drove an unmodified VW Passat filled with ToSynFuel diesel around Europe to promote the project and its ground-breaking technologies.

Advanced biofuels

ToSynFuel Overview

This video introduces the ToSynFuel project, the ground-breaking Thermo-Catalytic Reforming technology, and the importance of advanced biofuels.

Thermo Catalytic Reforming

What is TCR?

This video describes the Thermo-Catalytic Reforming (TCR) technology that can convert biogenic many wastes into drop-in fuels.

TCR process

TCR/PSA/HDO Integration

In this video we discuss how TCR is integrated with Pressure Swing Adsorption and Hydro-De-Oxygenation to create high-quality drop-in bio-fuels.

Sewage processing


This fun video aimed at children explains how ToSynFuel biofuels are made and why they are important to the greening of the transport sector.

Andreas Hornung

Ground-breaking Ceremony

Watch the Ground Breaking Ceremony at the ToSynFuel site in Germany, hosted by Fraunhofer UMSICHT, and including rally legend Walter Röhrl!