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FoodTraNet News

Demo plant

JSI Science Open Day

On Saturday, 25 March 2023 the open days took place at the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI). Each year since 1993, the open days typically take place at the end of March to popularize, communicate science and commemorate the birthday of the remarkable Slovenian physicist Jožef Stefan as traditional Days of Jožef Stefan, known also as Stefan’s Days, spanning the entire week.

This event is organized with cooperation of JSI research departments and other research centers. The event is open for general public interested in research activities on multidisciplinary fields of science.

FoodTraNet Team Building Weekend

The ESRs and the supervisors gathered in Bovec, Slovenia for a teambuilding weekend. The event started with all the ESRs receiving the special FoodTraNet hoodies and having a great Slovenian dinner reunion. Rafting was the teambuilding activity of choice as it is a perfect activity for helping a team to learn to work together, communicate clearly and effectively and most importantly, have fun together.

The day was followed by a set of interactive and competitive social activities; a scavenger hunt and a trivia quiz night. Despite the rain, the next day was well spent where everyone got the chance to explore the history of Kobarid town and its days during the World War I at the Kobarid Museum. All in all, a very successful, fun, and enriching teambuilding experience!

Team building

FoodTraNet Blogs

Alicia discusses her secondment to Food Forensics in Norwich, UK, to learn about the use of stable isotopes for detecting food fraud.

Advanced biofuels

Nayyer has created a series of podcasts where she speaks to a series of experts from the FoodTraNet team about food mass spectrometry.

Thermo Catalytic Reforming

Cathrine discusses the European Researchers Night that gives the opportunity for researchers to interact with the public.

TCR process

Harshit is currently studying the interactions between microplastics and pesticide residues in the agricultural ecosystem.

Experimental cheese

In this article, Jonas discusses current project activity and future prospects of the enrichment of cheeses with polyphenols.


Mudita discusses her studies of the lipid profile of mushroom, which is popular for its flavour and nutritional benefits, using automated 3-D M-S.