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WRG Europe is passionate about the creation of a sustainable society. If the latest projections on global temperature increase released by the IPCC in 2018 become reality, humankind will face one of the greatest challenges to its existence and to worldwide ecosystems.

It is a huge problem to address, but we are committed to working with companies and universities who have technologies that could potentially contribute towards a greener and more sustainable society.


With our interest in sustainable technologies, we are very familiar with the funding instruments that exist within Innovate UK and Horizon 2020 and have supported numerous applications relating to this field on behalf of our clients. We are also familiar with associated policies coming from UK Government and the EU, such as the Renewable Energy Directive.

WRG Europe works closely with one of Europe’s premier research institutes who possess a wealth of expertise in renewable energy, biofuels, and general sustainable technologies. WRG is also working on two major European projects on advanced biofuels to deliver the projects’ outreach programme.

We have a wealth of contacts across academia and industry that could potentially collaborate with you to bring your technology to fruition and we’d be more than happy to contact them on your behalf to see if a possible collaboration could be formed.

We can, of course, support you in delivering your outreach programme too.

As a result of these factors, we believe that if your technology is in the areas of renewable energy or sustainability, we will be able to give your project the greatest chance of success, not just in the application phase, but also during its execution and delivery.

If you are a company with a technology that could support a sustainable society, we’d love to hear from you.