Get the right support. Regardless if it's day or night, our team can be there for you 24/7 to get your application over the line.

Our team of specialists has experience throughout the whole life-cycle of research projects. In addition to helping you to plan, prepare and optimise your application (see Ticking Time Bomb), we are able to support you with the co-ordination and project management after funding has been awarded.


Being the Coordinator of your project (be that EU or UK funded) requires a significant commitment from you and to your partners to execute and deliver your project successfully. This involves a range of contractual, financial, dissemination, reporting, and managerial tasks than can seem quite daunting.  We can guide you through the necessary steps that must be taken to fulfill these tasks to ensure a successful and high impact research project. We can advise you of the administration rules pertinent to your funding, the common pitfalls, and the best practice methods for ensuring that your project runs as smoothly as possible.