Get the right support. Regardless if it's day or night, our team can be there for you 24/7 to get your application over the line.


Funding initiatives can be complex and difficult to navigate, so we will work with you across all stages of the process. We can ensure that you are targeting the most relevant funder or funding stream as well as helping you to find the right partners from our wide network of industrial and academic contacts.

We will prepare the majority of your grant application and will work closely with you to craft and agree the text to ensure that it is targeting the multiple elements that funders (and their corresponding reviewers) will mark favourably. We employ a variety of strategies to structure your proposal such that the reviewers are excited (hooked!) by your technology from the first paragraph. We use building blocks of argument, detail, and justification throughout the document to ensure that confidence is inspired in the reviewers. Today, technology funding is more competitive than ever, so with our expertise we can ensure your application is as competitive as possible.

We can also work with you to guide your through the often complex online submission process. However, please note, for legal reasons, we cannot submit your application on your behalf.

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