Dr. Martin Pickard


Dr. Martin Pickard is the founder of WRG Europe and Grantcraft. Following an initial academic career as a life scientist in a Russell Group University during the 1970s, Martin was invited to establish and lead an international group, supporting global research initiatives and translating research to worldwide markets. In the mid-1980s Martin established his own research-based SME designing and supplying medical equipment.

How Dr. Martin Pickard Founded WRG Europe and GrantCraft 

An impressive research funding success rate, increased requests for help and support from other researchers and SMEs and academia/industry in general led to the formation of WRG Europe and Grantcraft in the early 1990s.

Since then Martin has been highly successful in facilitating, supporting and implementing effective research engagement across the UK research councils and trusts as well as European, and other, research projects from BRITE-EURAM and ESPRIT initially to H2020 to-date. 

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