Dr. Chris Tuck


Dr. Chris Tuck is the focal point for the overall WRG Europe business.

Having completed his Masters in Chemistry, Chris was selected to complete a PhD under Sir Martyn Poliakoff at Nottingham University. Having successfully completed his PhD, Chris worked in funding and industrial engagement at Nottingham until his selection for a role at WRG Europe.

Chris takes a leading role in supporting a range of UK and European Universities to acquire research funding, as well as giving training on grant writing. However, Chris is also closely involved in two successfully awarded European projects focussing on biofuels.

The primary role of WRG in these projects is public and industrial engagement to help promote awareness of the environmental issues and raise visibility of the technology for potential investors and end-users. Chris is able to bring his wealth of knowledge in chemistry to support the engagement activities, including presentations at premium conferences.

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