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In today’s funding arenas, applications are no longer just about maturing science and technology within the confines of your building but ensuring that it reaches out to all areas of society and creates impact. Funding authorities place a huge emphasis now on making sure projects maximise their impact by having detailed communication and dissemination activities. A great technology with a poor communication and dissemination plan is unlikely to get funded.

In funders’ parlance, communication is raising awareness of general project objectives and achievements, whereas dissemination is sharing of specific results or outputs (e.g. major findings, data, prototypes, etc.). This is not just to potential end-users, but also to the general public, including universities, schools and other educational establishments.

In today’s connected society, projects are expected to use a variety of digital and social media tools to ensure the world is aware of your technology whilst potentially creating the interest necessary to help ensure your technology is successful once it gets to market.

However, as a small business, we understand the value of your IP and how premature disclosure can be very costly. You can work with us with confidence to ensure your dissemination and communication activities are thought through and delivered very carefully to maximise impact for both your business and society.


We can help in several areas:

  1. We can help you build your communication and dissemination plan as part of your application to ensure it targets all the correct areas of society and industrial end-users to maximise its impact, whilst ensuring your application scores favourable with the reviewers.
  2. WRG Europe can be an active member of your project to support your communication and dissemination needs. WRG is currently involved in two major EU projects (ToSynFuel and flexJet) where its primary role is to create awareness and support for the goals of these projects and to maximise overall outreach and impact. This includes attending key events and conferences to present results, engaging with stakeholders, end-users and policy makers, and creating or filming publicity events. We have access to a wide range of industry-standard digital media tools such as After Effects and Illustrator to create impactful static and motion graphics. We also have access to an experienced film crew, including 4k drone filming, to create high-impact promotional videos or documentaries.
  3. You can engage our services on a contractual basis to develop digital media such as logos, diagrams, and static/motion graphics to support your project’s website and social media pages.