Nuffield Foundation Research Priorities


Written by Lucy, April 2020

The Nuffield Foundation has recently announced some new research funding priorities, updating their five-year strategy which was first published in 2017. These new priorities sit under the core domains of Education, Welfare and Justice and maintain the organisation’s aim of advancing educational opportunity and social wellbeing across the UK.

The biggest shifts are in the Education domain with the development of four new themes, resulting in five areas for this strand:

The welfare domain priorities now focus on:

Justice welcomes proposals that focus on:

Applications which cut across these themes are welcomed, and applicants can be based in a variety of settings from universities, research institutes and charities.

In addition, the Nuffield Foundation has increased their annual grants budget from £6m to £8m, providing more opportunities to gain funding.



The next deadline for outline applications is September 2020. There are usually 2 rounds a year (with the last call deadline having passed in March). Also, look out for the new separate call for application to the Nuffield Foundation’s Strategic Fund with a deadline in April 2020.

If you have any questions about Nuffield Foundation applications or would like support with a different bid, then please contact us.

The information contained in this article was obtained from the Nuffield Foundation news page and Guide for Applicants: