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Application deadlines

Ticking Timebomb -Application Deadlines

Optimising the Timeline to Proposal Submission

All too often competing pressures of teaching, marking, existing research projects and other tasks can mean that there is insufficient time for planning, preparing and writing a research proposal. Does this timeline look familiar?!

Timeline 1

The process of building a competitive research proposal is time consuming. In addition to actually writing the text (which is no small feat), you will also need to identify a suitable funder and call, understand the call and proposal specifications, identify suitable collaborators or co-investigators, organise letters of support, produce a budget, obtain institutional approval….the list goes on. To avoid the stresses associated with rushed proposal development and to ensure that what is produced is competitive and stands up to scrutiny, it is necessary to start early -adopt a timeline such as that below.

Timeline 2

We go in to a lot more detail about planning your application in our various workshops and training courses. Please contact us if you would like to discuss or arrange tailored training for you or your team.